Agri Business Managers

How We Farm

McGregor Farms are Agri Business Managers who offer skills & expertise in a wide variety of farming practices.

Attention To Detail

McGregor Farms aims to maximise the return from both its own and its client’s crops. We operate a sustainable approach to farming and the environment. We pride ourselves by investing in the latest high quality equipment and machinery. Complemented by our highly skilled and experienced workforce we gain optimum crop production results, within a cost effective system. A Self-motivated, dedicated workforce has been key to the Business’s success.

Attention to detail is paramount in our business.

Precision Farming

The business employs its own Arable Technical Manager, David Fuller, who is BASIS, FACTS and BETA Basis qualified.

Precision Farming – we were an early adopter of precision farming initially with yield mapping in 1996. All farmed land is GPS SOYL sampled which has allowed variable applications of phosphate & potash since 1997. We do our own variable lime spreading. Nitrogen has been variably applied since 2007. Soil conductivity maps have been made which allows variable seed rates to be used with excellent results.

All mainline equipment has some form of GPS equipment installed. Precision Farming has allowed fields to be divided electronically and these areas are managed individually enhancing attention to detail. All the technologies used help to maintain yield and increase output.

What We Grow

Coldstream Mains is the home base for all operations. The business has invested over the years in 5000 tonnes of potato cold storage and 8000 tonnes of grain storage. Harvested grain is handled at our 150 tonne per hour drier intake. An additional 20,000 tonnes of grain storage is also available on associated farms. The business is a Member of Coastal Grains Ltd (120,000 tonne Farmer Co-operative) at Belford.

Winter Wheat, Winter Barley and Oilseed Rape are the principal crops grown together with a small area of spring barley for a specific market. “Break Crops” grown are vining peas as a Member of Scottish Borders Produce Ltd, potatoes in collaboration with Greenvale AP and spring beans destined for the human consumption export market. A small proportion of our Oilseed Rape is grown for Borderfields Ltd who cold press and bottle Oilseed Rape for the retail culinary market.

Individual Farm rotations are paramount. All our cereals are grown under SQC – Scottish Quality Cereals protocols and the business is a Member of LEAF – Linking the Environment and Farming.

Contract Farming Agreements

We pride ourselves in offering bespoke Contract Farming Agreements which are tailored to suit both the Farmer and the Contractor. We strive for a close working relationship with our Landowners. We pride ourselves on achieving maximum returns for the Businesses we work with. Our relationships are based on Trust and Respect.

We are entrusted to manage a very valuable Land Asset which must be looked after properly. A broadacre approach cannot be taken!

We utilise the most modern machinery to allow the optimum timing of cultivations, application of inputs to the growing crop and harvesting. Our fleet of modern machinery is well maintained and kept up to date to minimise downtime.

Additional Contract Work

We have a highly skilled Team, who are also able to offer many additional services such as establishing game crops, environmental scheme works, general maintenance work, drainage repairs, fencing, workshop servicing & fabrication and general upkeep of a Farm’s assets. This continues our “attention to detail” ethos throughout the whole Farming Business.

Farm Visits

We have been delighted to host over 100 visits for various organisations, Schools, Agricultural Colleges and farming groups over the last ten years.